Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Fees and Eligibility

Everyone is welcome to attend the CASWE-ACFTS conference. For registration information, please visit our website

No, but why won’t you want to be a member? A CASWE-ACFTS membership offers many benefits and a discounted rate to the conference so why not become a member now. 

Absolutely, you can sign up to be a Friend of the Association! This membership is specifically for those who do not meet the requirements of a regular member. You can find more information here .

Registration can be completed on the congress website, however, we encourage you to read through the registration information on our website and follow the steps to complete your registration.

The last day to register for the early bird rate is March 31st, 2024.  

Yes, however, you would need to pay the non-member conference. We encourage you to become a member as you will receive a discounted rate to the conference and other benefits throughout the year. Become a member

For all conference rates please visit our registration page for detailed information

Yes, all Black and indigenous students can get complimentary access to the conference. Kindly fill out the form at the bottom of the registration page to request a pass and we will get back to you

Presentation Guidelines and Support

Paper presentations are 30 minutes in length (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for a question-and-answer period). These are scheduled within a 90-minute session block with three papers per block.  


Panel Discussions, Conversation Circles, and Workshops are allotted a time allocation of 1.5 hours each. 

Yes, there is a dedicated 1.5-hour period for poster presentations, during which presenters will be available to discuss their work with interested attendees. 

Please note that the poster display board is 7 ft x 4 ft.

Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to the time slots. We ask that all presenters be available for the entire duration of the conference as presentations will take place everyday 

No, all presentations must be held in person, and no virtual accommodations will be provided. 

Essential audio/visual equipment will be available at each session, including projection screen, internet access, and a sound system. Each room will also have a computer. We recommend that you bring you presentations on a USB stick as well to avoid any technical difficulties. Please note: USB is mandatory for all MAC users.  

Conference Format and Accessibility

Yes, the conference is exclusively in-person, and no virtual accommodations will be provided. 

Yes, attendees will receive a detailed conference schedule through our conference app. It is important to have the app downloaded on your smart device as all updates will be made through the app.   the event’s emphasis on physical attendance.

Additional Conference Details

Individuals interested in open events, Big Thinking lectures, Career Corner workshops, and scholarly association open events can purchase a community pass. Please note that a community pass does not grant you access to the CASWE-ACFTS conference.  

No, the community pass is limited to open event and congress events. To attend the CASWE-ACFTS conference, you will need to be a member of the association and register for the conference. You can find more information here .

For more information on the community pass, please visit the congress website visit

Every conference attendee is responsible for arranging their own transportation during the conference. 

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